Hi, I'm Dani, get it, Dan-i, Dandy? I'm hysterical, I know.
I loathe writing biographies, but I'll make an exception for you.
I have an unnatural love of Disney, CocaCola, and most things spooky. I spend my days (when I'm not taking the most amazing pictures you've ever seen!) chasing 2 travel sized versions of my husband around my house under the guise of homeschooling. Together, we have the most ginormous, spoiled rotten fur baby to ever exist.

Feels like we've been friends forever now right? I'll await my BFF bracelet in the mail. But you know nothing about why you should choose me as a photographer? Well let's sort that right out.

You see, I could tell you more about myself (I'd rather not, but I could if you absolutely insist), or I could tell you about my gear (I love it), or I could even tell you the artists and philosophies I love, but instead I'm gonna tell you about the most irritating, yet accurate phrase anyone with children has ever heard. You'll see where I'm going with this, we're just taking the scenic route, so buckle in and grab a road snack.

 Are you ready?

"The days are long, but the years are short."

That's it. The one phrase that seems to earn a begrudging grunted "mhmmm" from moms everywhere. Because one, it feels like pressure to enjoy every single minute. Gobble up those public meltdowns, diaper blowouts, and tantrums. *eye rolllll* But two, because it's so gosh darn accurate. Those things you swore you'd remember in the moment, all of a sudden become a blurry hazy memory that comes about only when the right trigger is found.

Think I'm only talking to parents here? Wrong-o! I had a dessert bar at my wedding. (Again, scenic route, but we'll get where we're going eventually) I only know this because I saw it in pictures. Are you gasping?! Shocked?! You see, I was so busy doing other things (like you know, getting married) that I didn't take the time stop and soak in every single detail. It wasn't until I got my wedding album back that I saw how lovely it was!

And that's the whole point. Life goes by so fast. Our favorite moments, are just that, a moment. 

Maybe, I'm a photographer because I never grew out of that MySpace (Hi Tom!) let's document every second of our lives phase. Or maybe, I'm a photographer because those years are so stinking short, and those moments are so fleeting. And I'm a cheater; I'm constantly out to cheat the system and instead let everyone remember their favorite times through photographs.

Seeee, I told you we'd get there eventually. 

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“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
— Annie Leibovitz


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