Call us the Kafkas

Where to begin? With the burger eating and booty dancing that was going on in the bridal suite? Or with the most terrible luck I’ve ever had a bride have the week leading up to the ceremony? Let’s start with the couple: Kylie and Kerner.
Separately, these two are two of the biggest goofballs I’ve ever met. Now, a lot of times with sillies, two of them together is just too much. But when Kylie and Kerner are together, that’s not the case. There’s an ease and comfort about them, they both settle into each other, like when you plop onto your grandma’s comfy couch, or slipping on your favorite pair of jeans; everything just seems as it should be. 

Even more a testament to who they are, I don’t think I’ve ever met so many family members. Not just because Kylie has a ginormous family, but because that’s just what they do. They love everyone, take them in, and bam, they’re family. The whole day, it was so obvious just how much they are loved in return. 

I could talk a lot about the decor. There were beautiful things everywhere. From the tiniest details to the perfect venue. Their ceremony and reception were at the beautiful Majestic Oaks Ranch in Lake City. But honestly, the way they love each other overshadows all of it. While getting ready, I thought Kylie might break through the doors and make a run (well as fast as you can run on a broken toe) for it. Not from cold feet, just because she couldn’t wait to see Kerner.  “I just want to see him because I love him!” she told everyone as she tried to catch glimpses of him through the bridal suite windows. And Kerner is no better. The way he looks at Kylie is nothing short of the way Noah looked at Allie in The Notebook. I say that, not as an exaggeration, but only because it’s the truth. 

I love weddings. I love watching people being just completely smitten. And Kylie and Kerner were like an all you can eat buffet for my love appetite, I say in the most loving, not creepy like I wanted to eat them, kind of way lol.
Annnnyway, before I say anything weirder, let’s just get to the good stuff!

Welcome to the World, Lennon

It’s been a while. I bet y’all thought I forgot how to blog.

Wellll. I didn’t. But this summer has been super hectic. You guys have kept me so super busy (thank youuuuuu), as well of a ton of personal things that have been going on. 

To start, I have to admit that I’ve had a mom crush on Malory for a while. We’re in a lot of the same online mom groups, so while I hadn’t met her in person until her maternity session, I felt like I already knew her. There’s also something about her oldest that reminds me so much of my oldest; perhaps the pudgy little fingers, gentle heart, and giant dimples.

The whole time I was in Virginia for the Gupton wedding, Malory and I were both hoping miss Lennon would stay put. And she did, barely. The first full day after we had been home, Malory texted me letting me know she was heading to the hospital. Now, with births, I don’t rush out the door the second they head to the hospital. There’s lots of time laboring (usually) and false alarms. The next time I checked in, she had jumped to 8cm! So out the door I ran, hoping that one more time, Lennon could keep snug inside Mom till I made it.

Her husband, Jeff, was there the whole time. And I’m not just giving you an attendance record of who was there. I mean he was there. Holding her hand, rubbing her forehead, and to be quite honest, kept Malory and I laughing most of the time I was there.

Malory was such a BA. Seriously y’all. When I got there she was having crazy contractions and couldn’t feel it at all. At one point the nurses told her she was in the middle of one and she, totally calm and composed goes “I am? Oh.” and giggled a bit. Like. Where was that black magic when I had my babies?! This girl literally didn’t even so much as whimper until the very last push. I’m not gonna lie, I teared up when Lennon let out that first cry.

I came back later so we could capture Lennon’s big brother, Jude meeting her for the first time. And guys, it was sooooo cute. He bounced between wanting to hold his sister, and wanted to check on Mom.

Onto the pictures!

Grumpy Kids

Send me all the grumpy kids, all the rotten kids, all the shy kids; send me all the kids who have personalities that a simple sit and smile snapshot cannot come close to capturing.

  I love them. Honestly. 

Why? Because I was one, and both of my minis are also “grumpy kids.” Mini 1 is shyer (is that even a word?) than shy can be. We had a family session done a couple years ago and bless that poor photographer. She pulled out all the tricks, and he wasn’t having it. I could feel her disappointment when she sent over the images, probably wanting to really send an email that read “well, it is what it is, you know how happy he was that day” lol But what did I do? I made it my profile picture and blew a couple canvases up and posted them all my walls. 


Because that’s who my kid is. He hides behind my legs at playdates and has this adorable little habit of repeatedly saying “mom, I love you” anytime he gets nervous. I’m pretty sure it’s his way of reminding me “hey lady, I love you, so don’t leave me with these strangers, ok?” 

And mini 2? Rotten to the core y’all. He is cute as can be, but it’s 100% nature’s way of protecting him. 

Like honestly, if you’ve ever watched a discovery channel show about lions eating their young and gone “yep, I feel ya mama lion, I feel ya” you too may have one of these kids.

 And even if our kids are complete angels, photo sessions can be a lot to expect of little people. Often they’re in clothes they otherwise wouldn’t be wearing (if you can get your kids to keep any clothes and shoes on, you’re the real MVP in my book!), having to listen to a stranger they’ve never met before, and usually lots of sitting still; something almost no kid has ever enjoyed, like ever.

So bring me all the grumpy kids. Let’s go find shells! And play hide and go seek! And make my camera “make the clicky noise!” Let’s make some memories while we sneek in some amazing pictures that will make Mom and Dad happy too!

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