Welcome to the World, Lennon

It’s been a while. I bet y’all thought I forgot how to blog.

Wellll. I didn’t. But this summer has been super hectic. You guys have kept me so super busy (thank youuuuuu), as well of a ton of personal things that have been going on. 

To start, I have to admit that I’ve had a mom crush on Malory for a while. We’re in a lot of the same online mom groups, so while I hadn’t met her in person until her maternity session, I felt like I already knew her. There’s also something about her oldest that reminds me so much of my oldest; perhaps the pudgy little fingers, gentle heart, and giant dimples.

The whole time I was in Virginia for the Gupton wedding, Malory and I were both hoping miss Lennon would stay put. And she did, barely. The first full day after we had been home, Malory texted me letting me know she was heading to the hospital. Now, with births, I don’t rush out the door the second they head to the hospital. There’s lots of time laboring (usually) and false alarms. The next time I checked in, she had jumped to 8cm! So out the door I ran, hoping that one more time, Lennon could keep snug inside Mom till I made it.

Her husband, Jeff, was there the whole time. And I’m not just giving you an attendance record of who was there. I mean he was there. Holding her hand, rubbing her forehead, and to be quite honest, kept Malory and I laughing most of the time I was there.

Malory was such a BA. Seriously y’all. When I got there she was having crazy contractions and couldn’t feel it at all. At one point the nurses told her she was in the middle of one and she, totally calm and composed goes “I am? Oh.” and giggled a bit. Like. Where was that black magic when I had my babies?! This girl literally didn’t even so much as whimper until the very last push. I’m not gonna lie, I teared up when Lennon let out that first cry.

I came back later so we could capture Lennon’s big brother, Jude meeting her for the first time. And guys, it was sooooo cute. He bounced between wanting to hold his sister, and wanted to check on Mom.

Onto the pictures!

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