Grumpy Kids

Send me all the grumpy kids, all the rotten kids, all the shy kids; send me all the kids who have personalities that a simple sit and smile snapshot cannot come close to capturing.

  I love them. Honestly. 

Why? Because I was one, and both of my minis are also “grumpy kids.” Mini 1 is shyer (is that even a word?) than shy can be. We had a family session done a couple years ago and bless that poor photographer. She pulled out all the tricks, and he wasn’t having it. I could feel her disappointment when she sent over the images, probably wanting to really send an email that read “well, it is what it is, you know how happy he was that day” lol But what did I do? I made it my profile picture and blew a couple canvases up and posted them all my walls. 


Because that’s who my kid is. He hides behind my legs at playdates and has this adorable little habit of repeatedly saying “mom, I love you” anytime he gets nervous. I’m pretty sure it’s his way of reminding me “hey lady, I love you, so don’t leave me with these strangers, ok?” 

And mini 2? Rotten to the core y’all. He is cute as can be, but it’s 100% nature’s way of protecting him. 

Like honestly, if you’ve ever watched a discovery channel show about lions eating their young and gone “yep, I feel ya mama lion, I feel ya” you too may have one of these kids.

 And even if our kids are complete angels, photo sessions can be a lot to expect of little people. Often they’re in clothes they otherwise wouldn’t be wearing (if you can get your kids to keep any clothes and shoes on, you’re the real MVP in my book!), having to listen to a stranger they’ve never met before, and usually lots of sitting still; something almost no kid has ever enjoyed, like ever.

So bring me all the grumpy kids. Let’s go find shells! And play hide and go seek! And make my camera “make the clicky noise!” Let’s make some memories while we sneek in some amazing pictures that will make Mom and Dad happy too!

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