Lifestyle Newborn

Why might a lifestyle newborn session be for you?

 I’m glad you asked, internet. First of all, let’s cover what the heck a lifestlye session even is. My lifestyle sessions are when you let the crazy lady with a camera (that’s me!), into your home/daily life to capture a more organic session. 

Now why are these such a good fit for newborns?

Trust me, I grew up in a home with multiple Anne Geddes books. If you’re not familiar with that name, her newborn photos were of babies being anything but babies (think babies in flower pots that look like lettuce or hydrangeas). And they are cute as a button! But, my children won’t grow up to be a Caesar salad, but they will grow up playing in their nurseries, and coming to my bed after a scary dream for extra cuddles. Lifestlye newborn sessions also incorporate the family (furry members included) that will grow and love with them.

You can’t have a photographer in your home 24/7 as they grow up to catch every single snuggle, but lifestlye newborn sessions are the perfect way to freeze a brief bit of time in your child’s life with their family, their home, and all the love it houses.

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